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Textured Panels

The Rush River Textured Steel panel is a textured surface that ensures the same look, even with a low gloss finish, regardless of the angle from which it is observed.  This makes these textured coatings quite different from the conventional flat finishes often used for metal roofs, making them more visually attractive – and increasing their appeal for home owners, architects and property developers. On top of creating more of a traditional .... Read More

Short Turn-around, Delivery or Pickup

Rush River Steel is committed to customer satisfaction.  Starting with a quick three day or less turnaround, customers have the option of picking their panels up at the manufacturing plant or having it delivered to the Job Site.  Having a fleet of Pick-up trucks or tractor trailers, Rush River is ready for any sized order for prompt delivery. No Forklift?  No problem.   Rush River Steel has Piggy-Back Forklift trailer combinations to unlo.... Read More