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Don’t go to the time and expense of Laying down insulation when you are just trying to stop condensation.


When climate conditions cause condensation to occur, Dripstop absorbs and holds that moisture in specially designed pockets in the membrane. When climate conditions go back above the dew point the moisture is released back in to the air as normal humidity.

DRIPSTOP can hold more than one quart of water per ten square feet of roof space.  The bond holding the water is so strong, that even at forty-five degree slope it still holds 26 ounces of moisture!


It Arrives At The Job site Already On The Steel

It Saves you Money-
No more labor costs for installing insulation.

It Saves you Time-
It completely cuts out one step of the building process and up to half the time on the roof. It can allow you to work on the roof when wind and weather conditions would keep you off it.

Customers love it

It Looks Great and is Easy to Maintain

Easy To Clean –
A hose or pressure wash can be used to clean if needed, and no problem with birds nesting like fiberglass.

Reduces Rain Noise

It Helps Fight Corrosion –
Tests have shown that it adds another layer of protection specifically from the corrosive elements in livestock confinement.

It Helps Fight Injury on the Job-site –
Reduces risk of falling while walking on top of insulation on the roof frame. Cutting the time on the roof by up to half means less risk to you and your workers.

It is Durable
Very difficult to cut or spice through, which makes it ideal for self-storag applications.


  • Post Frame/Agricultural Buildings – equipment storage, grain storage, livestock confinement, outbuildings
  • Steel Buildings
  • Self-Storage
  • Workshops /Unattached garages
  • Open Walled Structures like carports/truck and RV storage
  • Retrofit or reroofing  of residential buildings – keeps condensation from dripping down into cavity between new and old roof without the need for insulation.

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